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The Farm

Flowers Grown with Care

Millwood Flower Farm is a family-owned and operated cut flower farm in Reddick, Florida. It is half-way between Ocala and Gainesville in bucolic North Florida in an area known for scenic roads, rolling hills, quaint little towns, horse farms and cattle ranches.

The Lyons family grows flowers using a no-dig method that preserves the micronutrients in the soil and the beneficial insects, while cutting down on the need for weeding. We use organic methods to fertilize and natural pest control because we want your flowers to be as beneficial to the bees, butterflies, and birds as they are beautiful to behold.

Fertility building from on top is a copy of natural processes, where organic matter
always lands on top.
— Charles Dowding


4700 NW 165th Street, Reddick, FL 32686

(352) 591-0939